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Tony Packo's Gift Pack open box with jar of pickles and bags of popcorn

Drink Garnish Gift Packo

Entertain Packo style! A drink garnish kit that will make your traditional cocktails stand out against the rest!

This Gift Packo contains:

1 Jar of Tony Packo's Sweet Hot Pickles & Peppers
1 Jar of Tony Packo's Brittany Tomatoes
1 Jar of Tony Packo's Sweet Hot Jalapeños
1 Jar of Tony Packo's Whole Hungarian Peppers

Try our favorites!
"PACKOTINI" - Featuring our Tony Packo Sweet Hot Pickles & Peppers - Don't waste that valuable pickle juice! It makes a delicious martini!
Serve with a thick sliced Sweet Hot on the rim!

PACKO JALAPENOS MARTINI - Featuring our Tony Packo Sweet Hot Jalapeños and juice.

PACKOS BLOODY MARY - Tony Packo's pickle juice is a must have in your bloody mary! Serve it Packo's style and garnish with a chunky Sweet Hot Pickle, Brittany Tomato and Mild Hungarian Pepper! The only thing that could make this better is a slice of our Tony Packo's Hungarian Hot Dogs!



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