Packo’s Loyalty Program


Have questions about our Packo’s loyalty program? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the Packo’s Loyalty Program and how do I join?

The Packo’s loyalty program is a loyalty program that rewards you for eating, drinking and shopping at Packo’s. You earn one point for every dollar spent and you can join at any of our locations. You can join at one of our restaurants or sign up for a card online.

How do I change my email address?

You are able to update your email and/or postal address by logging into your Packo’s loyalty account at

How do I change my name or phone number?

You are able to update your name and/or phone number by emailing us at [email protected]. Please include your card number and new name/phone number.

What if I have two or more cards with the same email address? (i.e.: Multiple family members)

You can register multiple cards under one account therefore both will sign in with the same email address to view the points on each.

What should I do if my card is stolen or lost?

You can request a new card at any location or email your mailing address to [email protected].

Can I get a new card if my card is worn out or broken?

You can request a new card at any location or email your mailing address to [email protected].

What should I do if I can't register my card? The website says: "This card number has not yet been entered into the system."

The card was ordered online or not swiped at the cash register. Take the card with you on your next visit and have the server/bartender swipe your card when you pay. You can also elect to sign up for a virtual card online.

How do I know where I am on each reward plan? How do I find out my Points?

Log into your account at to see all of your account details including point totals. You can also request the detail receipt after you use your card at any Packo’s location.

I have two cards can I combine the points?

Yes, email name and card numbers to [email protected].

What do I do if I am not receiving email communications?

Check to ensure our email address [email protected] is added to your safe senders list or address book. (Emails may be going to Junk Mail if not added to these lists.) and/or log into your account at [email protected] to update/verify your email address.

What if I forget my card when I go to a location?

You can have the location look up your account using your phone number.

Can I add points to my account if I forgot my card?

You can email your card number, date of visit, and guest check number to [email protected]. (Points can't be added online)

Can I use my points to purchase food and/or merchandise at the restaurants?

Rewards are issued after reaching predetermined point levels. Those rewards are able to be used on anything, but alcohol in the restaurants. Discounts can be applied at a table, at the food counter or in the gift shop.

My check total was less than my reward discount – do I get the remainder back in cash?

No, our rewards have no actual cash value.

Does Tony Packo’s™ sell or rent my information to third parties?

No, we do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. For more information please review our Privacy Policy.

If you have additional questions – please contact:

Lindsey Bond
Packo’s Pride Loyalty Manager