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Close up of 5 jars of a variety of Tony Packos Pickles and Peppers

Really Chunky Garlic Dills


Tony Packo's Really Chunky Garlic Dill Pickles are a type of pickled cucumber that is known for its large, chunky slices and bold garlic and dill flavor. The pickles are made from fresh cucumbers that are sliced into thick, chunky rounds and then pickled in a brine made from vinegar, water, salt, garlic, and dill.

The pickles have a bright green color and a slightly translucent appearance. They have a firm and crunchy texture that is characteristic of dill pickles. What sets them apart is the generous amount of chopped garlic that is packed into each jar. This gives the pickles a strong garlic flavor that complements the tangy dill seasoning.

Tony Packo's Really Chunky Garlic Dill Pickles can be enjoyed on their own as a snack, or they can be used as a flavorful addition to sandwiches, burgers, and other dishes. They can also be chopped up and added to potato or pasta salads for a bold and garlicky flavor. The pickles are a delicious and unique twist on the classic dill pickle and are perfect for anyone who loves the bold flavors of garlic and dill.

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